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Positively Effective Signage

Some points to consider:

  • Outside use vs. indoor use

  • Location if outside: grassy area, cement, high winds and weather exposure.

  • Installation situation: will the banner be hung? From what structure? Does it need to be freestanding?

  • Budget: Once again, you are not being fair to yourself if you do not consider ahead of time how much you are willing to invest in the promotion of your business at this event or promotion opportunity.

Temporary signage has a reputation of being cheap or disposable. The best solutions are lasting solutions and that's exactly how we look at this category. Whether cheap or not, you are still making an investment and our experts would much rather see you spend your advertising dollars on a lasting solution, which has the potential to be used over and over, thereby providing more value. 

This category includes signs and displays intended for short term use, ease of mobility and/or sporadic presentation. The number of solutions can be overwhelming and that's why so many depend on the experts at Karma Sign & Graphics for advice.