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Positively Effective Signage

  • If your new sign will be freestanding, it is almost certain a permit will need to be acquired for the installation and zoning restrictions will need to be considered. 

  • Good news! The experts at Karma Sign & Graphics are familiar with area regulations and can help you determine what type of signage will be allowed from the start. This can save a great deal of time, money and stress.

  • More good news! Those same experts have been pulling permits in the central Florida area for over 15 years. This makes the process as easy for the client as possible.

  • If your new sign will be attached to an existing structure or surface, it is less likely a permit will be necessary but still a possibility. the associates at Karma Sign & Graphics are happy to help with that determination as well.

This is a difficult category to define because permanent signs mean different things to different people. For practical purposes, we will call it a sign intended for long term use to identify one's establishment. These signs can be 3 dimensional raised letters attached to an existing structure or surface. They can be a completely newly manufactured structure or sign attached to an existing structure or surface. Hopefully, the samples provided will help, along with these rules of thumb. 

Karma Sign & Graphics not only has the capability to produce signs requiring wall structures, frames and foundations but the know-how to help you choose the appropriate solution and take care of the red tape involved.