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brand continuity

You really can't be a part of the business world these days without being familiar with the term "branding" but, what does it really mean? Brand is a large encompassing term which really boils down to the ways a company identifies itself to the world. This can, of course include not only their name and logo but the color of a company's buildings or model of fleet vehicles and font style. 

First impressions count and image is everything! 

Upscale wall displays in your lobby or common areas show the client you are successful and tell them you understand the importance of perception. In retail areas, well used window space can mean the difference between your next big sale and distracted shoppers passing you by.

The experts at Karma Sign & Graphics love a challenge! If you've been turned away by others or discouraged by colleagues, bring your "vision" to Karma. If it's important to you, it's important to us!



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brand continuity

Custom solutions

At Karma Sign & Graphics we don't use the term "solution" lightly.

Creating the right solution for your unique requirements takes more than the ability to use computer software and a ruler. Our professionals use their years of experience in the industry along with a creative eye and training to identify the best fonts, colors, materials, and layout for each project. We’ve accumulated a wealth of experience in a wide-range of products and services.


We hope these examples of our work help inspire your next solution but if not, a consultation is only a phone call away!